Chat with your customers on their favorite messaging app.

Use Chaty to show a chat button on your webpage and easily connect with your customers on their favorite messaging app. We support apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber, and more!

Seamless integration with any website

limitless Customization of each element

cONNECT 20+ SOcial APPS + custom channels

Install in 5 mins via JS script

Be where your customers are

Remove barriers to communicating with your customers by meeting them where they are. Use Chaty to integrate 20+ platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and more to your website chat box

Before using Chaty

After using Chaty

Chaty covers most (if not all) of the widely popular social networks

Why use Chaty?

Chaty brings the best of social media platforms to your website

Use 20+ Social Platforms

Whether it’s on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or any messaging platform– use Chaty to make yourself easily available to customers. Customers can get back to you in 1 click and you can easily reply to them

Frictionless Communication

Allow the conversations with your customers to flow naturally. When you opt for an independent live chat app – you restrict users to choose where to communicate. By using Chaty, your users can talk to you from their preferred channel

Supports Custom Channels

Want to add a custom channel that Chaty doesn’t support? Add an unlimited number of customer channels with a click of a button. Now you can be reachable on any platform!

Improve the Quality of Support

Don’t just give support – build relationships with your customers too. Improve customer support quality by providing direct chat channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, Twitter, Phone, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and more

Amazing and Customizable UI

The user interface of Chaty is loved by 70K+ customers because each element has been to give the best possible user experience.To make sure that Chaty matches your brand identity, we’ve made sure that Chaty is fully customizable (you can change colors, button placement, custom icon, fonts, & more)

Customizable WhatsApp Preset Messages

Want to greet your users with a preset message when they choose to chat with your through WhatsApp? With Chaty, not only can you set preset messages, you can also use {title} & {url} tags to know from where the visitor is originating.

Triggers & Targeting

Chaty comes with a wide range of triggers & targeting features to fine-tune the behavior you expect from the plugin. Want to show Chaty only on a specific date range or specific dates? Want to trigger Chaty on exit intent or after a certain percentage of page scroll? Chaty covers all these use cases and has even more features like traffic source targeting

Works Out of the Box

By default, Chaty is a lightweight plugin that uses the best coding convention. It’s compatible with any website by loading a single JavaScript file and it takes only a few minutes to get started. We take pride in our industry-leading support and continue surprising users with fast, accurate & premium responses. We have a perfect 5/5 score, rated by 600+ users

Tracking Metrics via Google Analytics

Track channel opens, clicks, traffic sources, page source and more with Chaty’s Google Analytics integration. We support custom Google Events too. Taking better data-driven decisions shouldn’t be too hard with this now!

Get up to 3x more leads than traditional contact methods

Chaty brings the best messaging platforms to your website at low cost and low effort

More leads


increase in customer happiness


Increased Revenue

Engage customers in their preferred platforms

Increase sales by talking to your customers via their preferred channels including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Call, SMS, Viber, Telegram, etc

Trusted by thousands of users

Chaty is already battle-tested by thousands of WordPress & Shopify users. Chaty takes the messaging experience forward with more features & customizability

websites are using Chaty around the world

5-star reviews from happy customers

Customers love 💙 using Chaty

Rated 5/5 by stars by more than 600+ happy customers

I recommend Chaty a 100% the customer service is excellent, and the way the app works is so easy to understand and install, it has made the way I talk to my customers so much easier and personalized, I thank Karina and the team for keeping me updated about a new feature I needed for my site, which is to know from what URL the customer clicked on the message us button, Thanks a lot!


Just started using the free version of this app and so far two thumbs up. It was easy to install, I was able to customize the color, placement and font of the widget, and we are able to link with Instagram which holds the bulk of our customers. It’ll be nice to troubleshoot sizing with our customers in real-time who are shopping for a tricky product. Never an easy product to order online! 

 AVYN Nation

I had an issue with page builder I’m using (Oxygen) the widget was displayed twice in the ct_builder screen so I contacted them and received immediate responses and enthusiastic support. It took them a few days to fix the issue but it’s fixed now. Thanks for their effort adding more value to the product and convert a customer to a happy customer. Nicely done.

hacoad (@chacoad)


Customer satisfaction

Average Rating from 100K+ Customers

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MANY YEARS OF Experience!

We have built SaaS platforms, WordPress plugins. Shopify apps for a long time now. We know exactly what you need

Created With Love!

We LOVE building great products. Our business is based on helping the community and building awesome plugins & SaaS platforms

Fast & Speedy!

Fast loading, clean code and great results are the things that we most care about when we launch a plugin

Well Documented

Chaty is super easy-to-use. We have proper documentation for each feature so you can use and customize it as you like

100% Response Rate!

Our industry leading support is always available for any technical question! Or even just for saying HI 🙂

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We offer a full 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. So you have zero risk. Be worry free & enjoy the experience

Still wondering about getting started?

Integrating Chaty with your website takes less than 5 min. Just add a JS script to your page and boom! Chaty is ready to go!