Each of us has experienced the aggravation of receiving poor customer service. Any of the following can turn potential customers off – taking too long to follow up; calling hotlines and getting no response; waiting days for a response.

Every business revolves around the customer, so ensuring their satisfaction must be a priority. But as your company expands, you and your customer service staff may feel overworked. 

If your company is customer-focused, you have come to the right place. We have the ideal solution for you – a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant for customer service will ensure that your clients are well taken care of. As a result, productivity can be increased, and your team will have the support it needs. In addition, you can count on a virtual customer service assistant to take care of routine customer service issues, leaving much time for other key business operations.

In this blog, we will discuss how hiring a virtual assistant for customer support can help you grow your business. But first, let’s explore what a customer support VA’s role entails.

Who is a Customer Support Virtual Assistant?

What does a virtual assistant do
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A virtual assistant for customer service handles administrative tasks such as answering and placing calls, sending emails, and responding to customer chat messages. They can assist companies with everything from technical problems to customer service inquiries.

A virtual customer support assistant can perform the following tasks for you:

  • Handling initial product/service inquiries
  • Keeping track of client transactions, profiles, and accounts
  • Help desk calls, live chat support, and dispatch calls for managing shopping carts
  • Managing the CRM database
  • Processing offline or online orders
  • Creating invoices
  • Processing transactions
  • Keeping track of customer feedback, likes and dislikes, comments, and testimonials
  • Processing refunds  

Why hire a virtual assistant for customer support when chatbots are already available?

Chatbots are automated programs that respond directly to a customer’s question. They respond to your questions with a predetermined answer that cannot be altered or customized. However, customer service virtual assistants offer a tailored service. 

Customer support virtual assistants can converse with customers naturally and resolve their issues or address customer complaints more humanely. Not every client can be handled in the same way. In this situation, customer support virtual assistants will be able to handle each client differently due to their years of experience tackling various clients.

What to consider before hiring a Virtual Assistant

You want to ensure that the virtual assistant you hire is also a good fit for your company. One excellent way to know how the virtual assistant you choose will work with your team is to hire from a trustworthy and credible virtual assistant service provider like Wishup, which offers you pre-vetted, interviewed, and trained assistants for improved customer service.

Another way to determine whether your applicants are qualified for the position is to learn about them via interviews that can be done over video conference calls. It improves your relationship with your virtual assistant by enabling you to see and understand the person you will be working with.

9 Ways a Customer Support Virtual Assistant can Grow your Business

Increased customer loyalty

Only a few businesses can provide unique customers with personalized care and dependable assistance. All this is necessary for increased customer retention; otherwise, competitors will devour the business.

Virtual customer support assistants can interact with customers by personalizing emails, calls, and messages. As a result of faster response times and more personalized services/answers/product recommendations tailored to their needs, brand loyalty increases. Customers can also discover more helpful information about the products and services offered by your business.

Prompt responses to helpdesk queries

Your company needs a great system in place if it needs to respond to “help” inquiries. A customer who requests assistance usually has a current issue with your goods or services. Now is your chance to show them that they made the right choice in selecting your services!

A virtual assistant can quickly assist by responding to helpdesk requests if you set up some great guidelines and resources. As a result, your business can stand out from the competition by responding quickly to help requests.

Better tracking assistance

Customers are eager to know where their products are right now. We’ve all been there at some point while waiting for an important delivery. Here, you can truly differentiate your company from the competition and set the bar for excellent customer service in your industry. 

Hiring a customer service virtual assistant allows you to have someone who can track down orders as soon as your customers enquire about them. Even though it might seem simple and uncomplicated, you can’t say the same when a pushy customer is on the other end of the line.

A good virtual assistant for customer service won’t easily break under pressure, which is what sets them apart.

Globalized services

Even though Google makes language translation simple, something is reassuring about hearing a voice in a familiar dialect. If customers can relate to the speaker’s tone and language, they are more likely to engage in friendly conversation.

A diverse team of virtual assistants makes it possible to provide them with the best support more readily. In addition, depending on the nation they are from, your VAs can communicate with clients in two or more languages. Hiring a virtual assistant is a wise choice for keeping your customers happy if your target market is in another country or if you have plans to expand internationally.

Of course, if you do decide to hire global employees and build an international team, remember that you’ll need to abide by the local rules and employment regulations of their home nation.

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Saved time and money

Virtual assistants are fantastic for customer support because they practically pay for themselves. Hiring someone in-house and paying them by the hour to answer emails, calls, and social media posts is not very smart. 

However, virtual assistants collaborate with you remotely as they will work remotely from their workstations. Additionally, these assistants will be much less expensive than in-house staff.

Furthermore, you will have one less task to complete throughout the day if a virtual assistant is available round-the-clock to assist your customers. You won’t be interrupted by annoying emails or social media posts, freeing you to focus on more critical tasks.

Better coverage of fluctuations

When customers’ demands suddenly increase, many small businesses find it challenging to keep up. Many lose business because their infrastructure can only handle a certain number of customers. An experienced virtual customer support representative ensures that customer retention rates remain high by handling such fluctuations.

Scalable and flexible

You gain more flexibility and scalability when you hire virtual assistants.

As necessary to the needs of the business, you can scale up or down. You can easily add virtual assistants to your team to meet the demands if you notice that your business is growing. The best part is those virtual assistant companies will handle the challenging parts for you, saving you from going through the hiring process.

You can always reduce your team if business slows down and you do not want too many assistants working for you.

Smart marketing

Statistics repeatedly demonstrate that eight out of ten consumers prefer to spend more money with businesses that offer exceptional customer service.

Having said that, your company requires a person with a few innate traits of an effective customer service representative. These traits include tolerance, empathy, politeness, and communication abilities like careful listening and precise word enunciation.

A reliable virtual assistant services provider, such as Wishup, will suggest a suitable virtual assistant with all the necessary characteristics for improved customer support.

Reduced workload stress

The stress that comes along with working with customers can be reduced by hiring a top-notch customer support VA. Let’s face it – we aren’t all people persons, but customer service representatives certainly are! They know how to handle interactions efficiently and with a smile.

Although internal employees may be familiar with your product or service specifics, they may lack the communication skills to share their knowledge effectively. On the other hand, customer support virtual assistants are adept at managing emotions. They possess the patience to guide someone through a process, provide prompt answers to inquiries, and maintain composure while listening to an irate caller.

Visitors will have a better experience if you have a friendly, welcoming person running your customer support. The best part is that none of your other workers will experience the stress of filling a position they did not ask for.

Boost your customer experience!

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Regarding consistency and response times, hiring a virtual assistant for customer service can help your company stand out from the competition. You can avoid the cost of the entire hiring, onboarding, and training process by outsourcing customer service to Wishup. 

The company offers a seven-day free trial period to be absolutely sure that the virtual assistant you have hired is whom you want. It also has a global pool of highly trained virtual assistants. By scheduling a free consultation with Wishup’s experts or sending a message with your requirements, you can quickly hire a virtual assistant from them.

Author’s Bio: With her academic background in journalism and mass communication, Shaurya works as a content writer for Wishup. She is someone who enjoys romanticizing the world in poetry while holding a camera and a pen in each hand.