Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to get feedback and compliments. You can use clients’ information to better your business or improve your customer service department. 

Using a WordPress chat plugin, you can conduct surveys and determine what your customers want. This article discusses why businesses conduct satisfaction surveys and explains how to perform customer questionnaires effectively.

Without further ado, let us begin this piece.

Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Essential

We should first chat about why customer satisfaction surveys are relevant for today’s companies.

In crowded and competitive markets, customer satisfaction is one of the few levers brands can use to boost their trustworthiness. The brand with the best customer service usually wins in this day and age. 

It is important to note that high levels of customer satisfaction lead to higher client retention, product repurchases, and brand loyalty. Poor customer satisfaction damages your brand on the opposite end of the scale. 


Studies show that the average American will tell 12 friends about a positive customer experience, while a poor experience leads them to tell up to 16 people. In most cases, people will leave reviews on Google, HelloPeter, or your website, negatively affecting your retention rate. 

That means that the stakes are high when pleasing customers and giving them the experience they deserve. In order to keep a pulse on how customers are feeling, brands use customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) to stay updated. 

You can get proactive about the problems your consumers face and take action to improve your customer satisfaction once you have access to the data it provides you. 

It is possible to improve your overall product and turn a negative customer experience around by resolving the issues your customer brings up.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

It would help if you considered a few things when setting up your customer satisfaction survey. This section lists the most critical aspects and highlights their significance. 

Keep it Short

The primary goal is to be concise when communicating with your clients. Try to find the shortest way to ask a question without beating around the bush too much. You also need to cut out unnecessary terms from your questions and not only worry about reducing the character count. So when you collect important NPS surveys, be as short and concise as possible.


In order to keep abandonment rates low, it is crucial to keep the overall length of your surveys short. When was the last time you sat down and happily answered a 30 minute online questionnaire? The above has probably never occurred. 

Only Ask Questions That Fulfill Your End Goal

When removing unnecessary questions for your survey, you must be ruthless with the selection process. Every question you ask should have a strong case for being included and a well-defined purpose. 


Say, for example, it is the first time a customer is visiting your site; it may not matter how the customer came across your website. If that is the case, there is no point in asking them how they found you. Is your customer name important to your business? If not, then don’t ask then this information in your survey. 

Including unnecessary or “couldn’t hurt to ask” questions is one way of increasing the length of your survey, sending questionnaire respondents searching for the “Back” button. 

Use Smart Open-Ended Questions

Even though it is tempting to stick with multiple choice scales and queries, some of the best feedback comes from open-ended questions that allow the customers to give you their honest thoughts about your business. 


However, a large box connected to the first question makes a survey highly intimidating. In order to create a sense of progress, it is better to ask quick questions first before dropping the big ones on the customer. 

Once your survey is complete and they have made it to the closing questions, you can then give them a chance to elaborate on their thoughts.

One way to commit to answering questions is with a simple introduction phrase and then follow up with an open-ended question, such as “How does this make you feel?”

Ask a Single Question at a Time

Everyone has had the experience of being hit with multiple questions at once at some stage or another. “How did you find our site?” “Do you know what our service does?” “Why do you think we are a suitable provider?”


The above questions can begin to feel like the person is being interrogated by the company and could cause them to leave the page. You need to give users enough time to think through each question if you want them to supply you with quality replies. 

Pressuring visitors with multiple questions at once leads to respondents giving you half-hearted answers, as they are just looking to get to the end of the survey as soon as possible.

In most cases, people will abandon at the start or halfway through if there are too many unnecessary questions they need to answer. 

Make Rating Scales Consistent

The standard scales can become confusing and cumbersome when the text context changes. Here is an example: while answering a survey’s first questions, you are told to reply by selecting one to five, where five is “Strongly Disagree,” and one is “Strongly Agree.”

customer satisfaction surveys

However, later on in the survey, you are asked to determine the importance of a specific product. The issues: Now, one is assigned to “Most Irrelevant,” but five was previously used as an agreeable answer to every question. Do you see how incredibly confusing that can be to a person? 

There could have been many people that missed the change and had an inaccurate answer entirely by mistake. 

Avoid Loaded and Leading Questions

If you use biased phrasing in your WordPress chat plugin survey, you will not get valuable or accurate feedback.

It is good to use questions that get straight to the point and are not like a sale pitch. Look at it like this: instead of asking what a person’s thoughts are on your company’s new site, you could ask them what they think of the recent upgrades to your business.

This open-ended question allows your customer to comment on what they think was upgraded. In this process, you may even gain deeper insights into another area of your company. 

An application such as Chaty can help you reach out to your visitors and speed up the response rate since it’s a highly visible chat widget at the bottom of your site. It also comes with different social platforms and messaging channels so visitors can answer through the app they prefer.

customer satisfaction surveys

Make Use of Yes/No Questions

Using yes or no questions with your WhatsApp WordPress plugin is one of the quickest ways to get a response from a client. Based on studies, WhatsApp is still one of the most used messaging apps among its competitors.

customer satisfaction surveys

You can also use this technique to get them to fill out the survey and then deliver a few more critical questions later on. 

It is important to remember that close-ended questions make for excellent starter questions because they are more manageable for the client to evaluate and complete.

Avoid Assumptions and Get Specific

Chat for websites allows companies to put direct questions before the consumer, but these questions can sometimes be a problem if the customer is not knowledgeable about something.

One big issue is the terminology and language you use in your questions. It is highly recommended to avoid references, jargon, buzzwords, and industry acronyms. 

The above will only confuse the customer and may cause them to turn away from your satisfaction survey. It is better to be specific when asking people for their opinion as it will get you a more straightforward answer.

Here is an example of specific questions you can ask to get feedback:

“What do you think about [Blank]? Feel free to tell us everything; we love detailed feedback.”

Using an introductory statement like the above allows you to learn what the customer thinks of your product or service. 

Consider Your Timing

Timing is crucial when planning on using a messenger WordPress plugin for your survey requirements. It is essential not to bombard your website visitors with the survey as soon as they visit your site. 

That will not only scare them away but will annoy them too. The person may even tell their friends that your website is spam and not an authoritative space.

Especially when using pop-ups, try to use the best trigger that won’t interrupt the browsing experience so you won’t annoy your visitors.

customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys help boost business performance

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a great way to boost your business performance and build a strong community.

With a chat app for your website, you can start to piece together a client satisfaction survey that you can use to improve your business’s performance effectively. 

Chaty is an excellent live chat app that lets you chat with your customers through multiple channels. The support platforms that Chaty can integrate with are WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Wix, and much more.

This application is designed with online businesses in mind and is super simple to operate. Once the plugin is installed via your website dashboard, you can add the chat button to the right-hand corner of your homepage. Sign up to Chaty now!