Live chat makes it easy for your customers to get assistance instantly when having problems or questions. It’s much better than sending an email where they may not know when to expect a response. 

Various live chat tools are available today, including Proprofs Chat, to improve customer experience. However, you can use alternatives to get the same result. 

What is Proprofs Chat?

Proprofs Chat is live help software for operators to reach customers instantly. Live chat allows operators to see when someone is writing so they can respond faster. An operator can even transfer a chat to another operator who is not busy for instant replies.

The software also allows scanned responses to offer quality answers in real time. You can also personalize the tool with self-help articles in the chat widget for customers to get instant help. 

Making new product announcements and sending personalized greetings to encourage engagement to become easier using this software. 

Proprofs Chat Alternatives


Chatting with customers on their favorite messaging platform is now possible using Chaty. The tool includes a button on your website to connect with your customers seamlessly on social platforms.


When looking to offer more than support to your customers, Chaty allows building relationships. The tool has direct chat channels, including email, phone, WeChat, WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. This allows for improving the quality of your customer support. 

A customizable user interface gives each customer the best user experience. Join over 180k happy customers who use Chaty to personalize their interface using brand colors, custom icons, button placement, and fonts. 

WhatsApp is a convenient way to communicate with customers. You can use this Proprof chat alternative to create a personalized message when chatting with customers through this platform. Finding where your leads come from becomes more manageable if you set URL tags on the platform.

Chaty is a lightweight plugin that relies on the best coding. The tool is compatible with any website as it loads one Javascript file. Getting started takes only a few minutes. Your customers will enjoy industry-leading support backed by accurate and premium responses. 

The tool has various triggers and targeting features for fine-tuning the plugin to match your needs. You can set Chaty only to show a particular date range or specific dates. This app has additional features like traffic source targeting. 


You can use the free version available for up to 500 visitors monthly. A basic version costs $9 monthly for up to 10,000 monthly visitors. The pro version costs $25 per month, while the growth plan costs $49 monthly. See full pricing here.

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

Chaty is a better alternative for its seamless integration with any website. Apart from its limitless customization, the tool allows connecting to customers through over 20 social platforms and custom channels. 

Try Chaty today!


Talk to your customers better using this wonderful tool. You can add a live chat widget on your site, automate sales and customer support using chatbots. This powerful app combines everything you want to offer adequate support, sales, and engagement in a simple interface. 


A live chat widget allows talking to your customers in real time. You can respond to customers’ queries instantly. The tool turns visitors to your website into loyal customers. 

Auto invitations using the app allow increasing your sales. You can send invites to customers based on particular rules. This encourages conversations that may generate business leads. 

Live chat lets your customer service team see what customers are typing before sending the messages, so they can respond much faster to boost customer satisfaction. 


You can try this tool for 14 days free without any credit card required. The free plan allows two operators, while the pro plan costs $19 monthly with four operators. An unlimited plan costs $75 monthly. 

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

When the 14-day trial ends, the system downgrades you to the free plan to continue using the tool forever with limited features. 


Tidio is an app that allows making real connections with customers instantly. This software personalizes communication using a live chat app feature and chatbots. 


Business owners need a tool to reach their customers regardless of location. The app keeps conversations going using live chat button, email, and chatbots. Storing your chat history and customer data on one platform makes easy access anytime. 

Managing a business requires doing more in less time. You can achieve this using automation to handle repetitive tasks. Focusing on what really matters in your business becomes more manageable. Thanks to chatbots, your customer service team becomes more efficient and never misses a conversation. 

Pre-designed templates make setting up chatbots a simple process. The tool comes with over 35 templates for all your business needs. Answering questions becomes three times faster, and sales will likely grow by over 65% effortlessly.


You can use the free trial before subscribing to a communicator plan that costs $15.83 per month. A chatbot plan costs $32.50, while the Tidio Plus plan costs $ 240.83. All paid plans have a trial period before spending your money. 

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

This tool is an excellent alternative for allowing changing your subscription anytime. You can also use two plans simultaneously to match your needs. 


Business owners who want to build satisfying customer relationships need Chatwoot. The app is a multichannel support center that connects with various popular communication channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter. 


The software has customizable live chat widgets that you personalize with your brand color, logo, and language. Serve all your customers better with a multilingual channel that supports over 10 languages. Your customer support team will see that customers are typing to allow faster responses. 

Automation makes working smarter a reality. Repetitive tasks waste a lot of time and effort. Automating the tasks streamlines workflow and allows focusing on the things that matter. The tool makes organizing conversations and assigning tasks easier and eliminates clutter. 

A pre-chat form collects customer info before chatting with them, allowing getting a context of the problem. This allows for solving customer problems quicker and faster. Your customer support team won’t keep asking the same questions to customers. 


The plans are suitable for anyone’s budget, with a 15-day free plan that supports up to two agents. A startup plan is $19, a business plan is $39, and an enterprise plan is $99 monthly.

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

The software offers a refund on all plans, so you get good value for money. 


Revechat allows personalizing customer conversations across various channels, including mobile, website, or messaging on a single platform. The digital engagement tool offers enhanced conversational and contextual support in real time. 


Scaling your sales and support is easier with an AI chatbot. This tool delivers automated customer support and sales conversations thanks to a live chat platform. With 24/7 support using the chatbots, customer queries are handled efficiently, boosting sales and lead generation. 

Using this app significantly reduces support tickets. The chatbots effortlessly handle all information-based conversations on the go. Your business won’t have common help desk tickets anymore. This will make your team focus on more critical business issues. 

Offering instant answers to all support-related questions enhances customer experience. Let a chatbot answer all frequently asked questions in your business. A chatbot connected to your knowledge base will answer all common queries and forward them to the right agent for necessary assistance. 


The pricing for this tool depends on whether you need a live chat or chatbot feature. A standard plan for the live chat is $13.50, an advance is $22,50, and the enterprise is $45 for each agent monthly. 

Chatbot plans start at $44 for the standard, $224 for the advanced, and $449 for the enterprise plan. You can go for the custom chatbot development, whose price depends on your needs. 

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

You pay for the feature you need. Choose a plan to match your budget, whether you only need a live chat widget or chatbot. There are two options to integrate the tool on your website. 


It’s time to engage your customers instantly using this tool. You will grow your brand by automating interactive conversations in Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Instagram Direct Messages.


Keeping conversations with customers going is possible thanks to this software. When talking with customers on Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Messenger, you can capture their numbers or emails through an automated process. These will come in handy to send emails or SMSs with promos, newsletters, and coupons.

Automation makes business processes more accessible and streamlined. This tool builds automation quickly and efficiently. You can build interactive conversations for all your customers’ favorite platforms. 


A free plan is available before upgrading to a pro plan that costs $15 monthly or a premium custom plan whose price will depend on your requirements. 

Why Is It a Better Alternative?

This tool integrates with over 2000 popular tools that your customers already use. The bilingual app is available in English and Spanish. 


When looking to enhance your customer service, various tools exist. Proprofs Chat is a great app, although it has alternatives such as Chaty, which offers better results for less.