Getting new leads and turning them into sales has always been one of the main struggles of businesses worldwide. Therefore, business people have developed many different marketing strategies to get to new people and increase the chance of them paying for their products or services. 

Nowadays, companies and businesses need to adapt to the new technological developments and the tools they give us. Those tools can help us develop modern marketing strategies that may prove more effective due to the current market trends. 

People mostly search for things online, so they need to get everything they are looking for when they get to your website. 

An optimized website gives you access to many opportunities, so the best you can do is take advantage of that. Communicating with customers is also essential for this matter, and if people want to contact you through your website, you need to be there for them. 

Here is when live chats and chat buttons come in handy. Are you interested in how chat buttons can increase sales and help you expand your business like you never imagined before? Read this page to learn more about the matter! 

What is a Chat Button?

Chat buttons, in a nutshell, are icons you can place on your website for people to click on them if they want to communicate with you or your customer service team. There are different types of chat buttons, but they all have the same goal. 

Generally, chat buttons are there waiting for people to click them. Still, you can customize some of them to pop up on the website’s visitor’s computer whenever a trigger is activated. When clients click on chat buttons, they get access to a chat box where they can talk to a person or a bot. 

You can customize some chat buttons to redirect customers to the communication channel of their preference. Most chat buttons lead people to a WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger Chat, Instagram DM, or mail. However, they work with any platform that works as an app chat, such as WordPress Live Chat.

If you want a chat button on your website, you first need to get a live chat plugin that allows you to customize the chat button, chat box, and chatbot. We recommend you look for a decent live chat app since most offer different features you could benefit from in different ways. 

Why You Need a Chat Button for Your Business Website

Although chat buttons bring many benefits to websites and businesses, many business owners don’t understand how a chat button could help their company. The reason is that they don’t often know how modern technologies can help them, but not adapting to the new market trends can lead to your competitors outselling you in the future.  

Are you interested in signing up for a live chat app for your website but unsure how that would help you? You’ve landed on the right page! Here are some of the main reasons you should invest in a website chat plugin: 

Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction should always be your primary goal regardless of the products you sell or the services you offer. Satisfied customers may pay for your services again and recommend you to their family members, friends, or acquaintances. Nonetheless, how can a chat button help you increase your customer satisfaction rate?

Well, customer service is one of the essential parts of a company, and no one likes a business with a subpar customer service team. People often try to contact the customer service team of a company if they have a problem, and not solving that problem could lead to clients letting go of your services. 

When you invest in a live app chat for your website, you can set up a bot to instantly answer any of your client’s questions. If your customers have a complex question or complaint a bot can’t address, the chat button can lead the person making that inquiry to the communication channel of their preference they like better.  

If clients or leads see you have different ways and communication channels to address any problem they may have, they will see you care for them and become more loyal to your business or company. 

Increasing the Chances of a Sale 

As we mentioned before, generating leads plays a fundamental part in a company’s success, and not developing effective strategies could lead to business failure. Fortunately, investing in a live chat plugin such as Chaty can increase the chances of a sale.

Only a few people buy something blindfolded, so most of your prospects may have some questions before purchasing anything from your company. If you take the time to answer their questions, they may get what they want from your competitors. 

You can’t give them enough time to do that, so the best you can do is answer any of their questions as soon as possible. Chat buttons allow you to do that and make that conversation the smoothest, which is perfect for generating more leads. 

Increasing Lead Conversions 

Now that you know how chat buttons can help you generate more leads, it’s time to understand how they can turn those leads into sales. Even if you answer your customer’s questions accordingly and make an excellent first impression, that’s not always enough to make people buy something from your company. 

Contact forms on live chat help you generate more leads for your business

They may have follow-up questions in the future, so you still need to be there for them even more now that they talk to you through a WhatsApp chat or Facebook Messenger. Chat buttons allow you to do that since clients know you are just a click away from them. 

Apart from that, chat buttons have other uses besides answering clients’ questions. You can set them up to show special deals and promotions to the customers that visit your website. Some live chat plugins even have tracking and analytics features to show you the strategies that may work best for each situation.  

Possibilities for Long-Term Business Relationships 

Building long-term business relationships are essential if you want to keep your customers with you in the future. Hence, you need a strong communication channel available whenever you want to send them any promotion or deal or if they have questions about your services. 


Chat buttons not only lead customers to those communication channels but also help you administer them in the best way possible. You can often do that from the live chat plugin, so don’t worry about getting lost. 

Apart from that, if your customers ever lose your contact number, they can always get it back from your website, which means they can contact you anytime they want. Tracking and analytics features from live chat plugins are helpful for this matter. 

It’s Easy, Fast, and Accessible 

The last reason you should get a chat button for your website on this list is that it’s simple and fast for you and your client. Some digital marketing strategies take a lot of time, and you need to have deep knowledge of what you are doing if you want to succeed. 

As for business owners, they only need to sign up for the live chat plugin they like better and follow the steps the plugin leaves them. Those steps mainly consist of customizing how chat boxes will look, the communication channels you will use, and the preset messages the bot will send. 

Regarding clients, they only need to click on the chat button, which makes everything the most straightforward it can be for them. People like simple things, so having a chat button makes creating business relationships and addressing complaints better and easier for everyone involved in the process. 

Why Not Give Chaty a Try

Chaty is a live messaging platform that allows you to place a chat button on any of your websites. The chat button set by Chaty can lead to any communication channel you want to use for your business, so you can pick the one you like better. 

Apart from that, Chaty has some other features, such as limitless customization of all your chat box’s elements, several integrations, custom triggers, and Google Analytics functions to keep track of how your chat button is doing. 

Do you want to add a chat button to your website? See what Chaty has to offer. Sign up for free here. 

Wrapping Up

Chat buttons are the best way to communicate with your clients through your website, and it’s one of the best ways to improve your customer service and lead generation plans.