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Just installed Chaty a couple days back. Was a bit skeptical. Then some leads came through via whatsapp on my site haha. Sold!

Deepak Shukla
CEO, Pearl Lemon

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frequently Asked questions

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How many channels are there in Chaty?

Chaty supports 20+ major messaging platforms including the most popular ones such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype & more. Chaty also supports custom channels if you ever need one.

How to get started with it?

When you sign up at, you can create a widget and choose the platforms you want to show. Then you can include a code on your website to display the Chaty widget on your website. Easy peasy!

What are the paid plans?

Chaty has plans starting from 500 visitors per month to all the way to 2M visitors/mo. You can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you finish your monthly usage limit

What happens when I have more visitors?

If you have more visitors than your usage plan, you’ll be asked to upgrade or wait till your billing period resets at the end of your billing cycle