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Engage with your customers effortlessly on their preferred
messaging app using Chaty

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Any Platform!

Get the magic of Chaty integrated with any other platform. Streamline communication using Chaty’s chat and social channels.

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Link Chaty to Shopify for effortless customer communication on various channels. Improve customer experience and simplify business operations.

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Integrate Chaty with Wix for a hassle-free way to communicate with customers on various channels. Improve customer engagement and boost sales.

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Easily integrate Chaty with WordPress to streamline customer communication. Connect on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Skype,& more.


Transform your website with Chatway’s live chat integration. Add multiple agents and manage all your visitors in one easy-to-use platform.

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Connect Chaty with Duda to communicate with customers across various social and chat channels. Enhance customer satisfaction and increase engagement.

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Connect Chaty to Square for a seamless multi-channel communication experience. Empower your business and connect with customers on their preferred channels.

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Connect Chaty with Ecwid to streamline your customer communication across social and messaging platforms. Enhance your customer experience today.

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Connect Chaty with BigCommerce to provide seamless customer communication on multiple social channels. Streamline your business operations today.

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Connect Chaty with Thinkific to streamline communication with your students on various social channels. Enhance your online teaching experience.

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Big Cartel

Connect Chaty with Big Cartel to streamline customer communication on various social channels. Enhance your customer service and grow your business.

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Nuvemshop & Tiendanube

Connect Chaty to Nuvemshop or Tiendanube for seamless customer communication across multiple social channels. Improve customer experience and increase engagement.

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Connect Chaty to Webflow to communicate with customers across multiple social & chat channels. Enhance customer experience and streamline business operations.


Integrate Chaty with PrestaShop to offer your customers access to over 20 communication channels, making it easy for them to engage with you

frequently Asked questions

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How many channels are there in Chaty?

Chaty supports 20+ major messaging platforms including the most popular ones such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype & more. Chaty also supports custom channels if you ever need one.

How to get started with it?

When you sign up at Chaty.app, you can create a widget and choose the platforms you want to show. Then you can include a code on your website to display the Chaty widget on your website. Easy peasy!

What are the paid plans?

Chaty has plans starting from 500 visitors per month to all the way to 2M visitors/mo. You can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you finish your monthly usage limit

What happens when I have more visitors?

If you have more visitors than your usage plan, you’ll be asked to upgrade or wait till your billing period resets at the end of your billing cycle