WordPress plugins for websites can serve multiple different purposes. They can make a site much more appealing and easier to navigate for the reader. In other instances, these plugins are meant to connect the visitor with the site owner. 

Adding too many plugins to a site, though, could make it slow and unresponsive. That’s why it’s so important to only pick the WordPress plugins the site truly needs. Here are some of the best options that can help compliment just about any website.   


Chaty is one of the best WordPress plugins for websites with an eCommerce business model. This plugin connects all of the leading messaging apps to one user interface. Simply put, the messages the company gets through its Facebook group, WhatsApp, the website, or virtually any other app will fall into one place.

Chaty wordpress plugin

The main benefit that this brings is ensuring that no client message goes unseen because the site owner forgot to check one specific app. It also allows the company to open different communication channels without having to be super active on a particular app. 

Setting up Chaty on a website is relatively easy. The site owner just has to download the plugin and follow the instructions once it’s active on their site. In just a few minutes, the messages from the different apps will start pouring in.      


Pop-ups are not dead, and Poptin is here to prove that. Some people may still have scar tissue from the popups of old, but these exit pop-ups have proven to be excellent converters. They are usually the ones that appear when the visitor is about to leave the site. 

Poptin plugin

Creating unique pop-ups from a set of templates is not the only thing this plugin offers. It also allows developers to connect contact forms directly from other plugins. This can streamline the process of creating an email list or newsletter.  

Poptin is a perfect example of a plug-in offering much more than most people realize. That’s why it’s important to truly explore all of the features some options offer before installing them on a site. 

Coupon X

The concept behind Coupon X may be similar to what Poptin provides on the surface. Both of them allow users to create pop-ups with exit-intent triggers. There are certain elements that Coupon X offers, though, that could make it worthwhile to keep both WordPress plugins for websites in the e-commerce space. 

Coupon X plugin

Coupon allows developers to give each website visitor a unique discount when visiting the page. The plugin can be programmed to release different types of pop-ups based on the visitor’s entry page. It also provides a set of templates to create the pop-ups themselves easily.   


Folders is an entirely different type of plugin than the ones that have made the list so far. It allows website developers to organize the files they upload to the website by specific categories. How does that help the website’s performance? 

E-commerce websites have many pages and pictures within those individual pages. Once there are more than 50 to 100 products on the site, it becomes tough to keep track of things. Folders provides a way to order each page so that it’s more accessible and easier to edit.

Folders plugin

When looking to update the pictures for a specific product, the process through Folders can be done in seconds. It is one of those plugins that may only be useful some days, but one day, it will prove its value and make the developer happy they have it installed.  

Quick 301 Redirects  

Broken links can be one of the most damming issues that could derail the good standing of any webpage. Once a site has gotten big enough, manually keeping track of all the links 

is nearly impossible. These situations are precisely where a plugin like this can save the day.  

The concept behind Quick 301 Redirects is simple enough: the web admin can input broken links and show which pages they now need to redirect to. This plugin can work very well with a broken link checker tool. The process doesn’t have to be done link by link; Quick 301 Redirects allows CSV files to be uploaded. 

Ivory Search

There are plenty of other search WordPress plugins for Website use out there. What makes this option special? It’s really one of the simplest plugins that offers the opportunity for users to search a website. 

Novice website developers are going to appreciate how easy it is to activate. There’s no need to pay the plugin developer for its use. All these elements play very much in favor of this search plugin option.    

My Sticky Elements

My Sticky Elements is one of the plugins that can significantly impact the bottom line of an e-commerce store. According to recent data, the conversion rate for an online star is about 2.6 to 2.8%. Having the data to contact the company or make a purchase directly in the users’ line of sight at all times can help increase that rate. 

My sticky menu plugin

Another thing that could benefit this plugin is that it’s less intrusive than popups. The reader can explore the site as they please without having anything blocked. They will have effortless access to contact the website owner directly.

The information that the website owner can stick to the sidebar can include a social media link. Many companies like to forward their traffic to their social media pages, where they can talk directly to them. Adding direct access to the company messaging app accounts is also one of the most used options.   

Woo Commerce or Shopify

Both WordPress plugins for website usage are together on the list because most people will pick one for their online store. It’s also true that if the website is just a landing page to generate leads, neither plugin will be necessary. They are going to be a must for online stores.

These plugins are going to provide an easy integration to be able to sell products on these prevalent platforms. Creating a WordPress site and adding one of these plugins is better than starting the entire site on one of the platforms. WordPress will make expanding the site much more manageable; these other plugins also help.      

Subscribe Forms

When trying to build an email list or generate leads, there must be somewhere for the visitor to input their data. These forms are used by plenty of sites across the web. This helps create a sense of familiarity for the visitor, who won’t think the site is just a scam.  

Another great thing about these forms is that they can be integrated with other tools. This integration can make data processing much more accessible. Creating an email marketing campaign through the plug-in will also be possible. 

Site Kit by Google

The last tool on the list can benefit any site. Google is still the search engine king of the world, and that’s not likely to change. This plugin allows website owners to connect their site with the Google Suite of products. 

When it comes to websites, Google Search Console is one of the main tools that it’s essential to connect to. The console will monitor the times the site appears in a Google search and how many people go to the site from the search engine. Even if the site gets mostly paid traffic, knowing where it ranks on Google doesn’t hurt.    

Final Thoughts

These tools all bring something to the table and can be considered “useful.” The challenge for developers or website owners is understanding how they can leverage the plugin so that it’s useful for them. It could be a good idea to incorporate different plugins as specific needs arise. 

When these tools are slowly incorporated into the site, there’s less of a chance to have dormant plugins that are just making the site slower. It’s important to remember that site speed is one of the key ingredients to a good SEO score. There’s no need to flood the website with unnecessary data.