Black Friday is one of the most typical days of the year for everyone interested in shopping. It’s the day you can find top deals you never see, which is why millions of people expect it with joy. 

The last few years have marked a complete change in the history of the marketing world since online sales have topped $7.4 million, proving that eCommerce stores are highly relevant. 

Nowadays, 93.2 million people shop online during Black Friday, so it stands to reason that you should take advantage of the holiday to boost your sales and increase your revenue. 

However, you need to optimize your site. Therefore, preparation is inevitable – you must determine which holiday pop ups to use, the communication channels you must implement, the marketing strategies you need to consider, and so on.

Read on and discover all the steps you must complete to succeed during this busy time. 


Create a seamless communication channel for your customers

To prepare for the crowd during this shopping season, it’s highly recommended to equip your website with a reliable live chat app that allows your customers to reach out to you when something comes up. Whether they need to inquire about your stocks or they’re just having a technical difficulty, they know you’re within reach.

A chat plugin for websites like Chaty, can help your visitors seamlessly connect with you through their favorite messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Slack, and many others. It’s pretty easy to integrate into your website without any hassle.

black friday chat plugin

By installing a chat button in time for your Black Friday promotions, you can gain incredibly from this list of benefits:

  • improves customer service and user satisfaction
  • helps acquire more leads and customers
  • nurture relationships with website visitors
  • removes barriers to communication and provides a seamless flow of interaction

There are many other uses of chat plugins that you may know once you’ve fully implemented them on your website. You have to remember that the success of your chat widget goes side by side with how you interact with your customers; speed, language, content, and care.

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Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

The first thing you should keep in mind to optimize your Black Friday website is to ensure it is mobile-friendly. Since 2016, the number of people who browse through sites on their mobile devices has dramatically increased, and it is now higher than 4.32 billion users

If you’re interested in making all the necessary adjustments to prepare your website for Black Friday, you probably want to ensure you optimize it for phones and tablets. Ultimately, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to attract new customers just because they weren’t at home to open your site from their desktops.


Align your website design to your Black Friday theme 

An essential part of digital marketing success is understanding that people love aesthetically friendly websites. At the same time, changing your site’s theme to fit the holidays is a fun way to attract new customers and keep the ones you already have since they can feel amazed at your creativity. 

You could, for example, incorporate several holiday gamified pop ups that stand out and offer incredible discounts to your customers. A big part of changing your website’s design is being creative enough to know how to adapt it.

Spin the wheel pop up by Poptin

Therefore, do your best to come up with several Black Friday pop up ideas and change the look and feel of your site to match the holiday season! 


Test website loading speeds

People often make the mistake of not paying attention to their customer experience. If it has happened to you, you might not have noticed that your website takes too long to load. 

Unfortunately, people get easily distracted nowadays and prefer buying on a site that loads faster since it offers them a better experience. Thus, if your website takes too long, you might lose the chance of getting a new customer. 

Test your site’s loading speeds to ensure all the pages are quickly available to visitors. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t want to wait for three hours before a waiter comes to your table. You should treat your customers the same way and give them the best attention possible. If it helps, use website plugins to speed up your website loading time.


Create a smooth sales funnel to ensure a seamless shopping experience

The key to having a fantastic Black Friday website is to pick the best marketing strategies to create a smooth sales funnel. You need to catch your visitor’s attention by offering something they can’t deny.

Whether you use Black Friday top bars, holiday landing pages, email newsletters, chat apps, and any other types of campaign channels on your website, you have to design a smooth flow of user experience so they can get and use your brand offering with zero hassle. Afterward, you can seamlessly lead them through the funnel and ensure they continue buying from you. 


Use exit intent pop ups to reduce cart abandonment

Sometimes customers leave your site before completing their purchase, which is called cart abandonment. Even though it’s challenging to handle, you could use several methods to reduce cart abandonment and the odds of it happening. Also, remember to update your branding elements and logo design to succeed.

One of the most successful strategies you could try is to use exit intent pop-ups, which can appear when your page detects someone wanting to leave without buying your products. 

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Be clear with what promotions you offer

Some young marketers often have no idea of how important communication is to ensure they get sales. Therefore, they make the same mistakes repeatedly since they don’t know the problem is with the message they’re trying to convey. It would be best to know what you’re offering your visitors.  

Imagine you browse through a site, and a popup offers you a 25% and 30% discount on your next sale. You’re probably wondering whether you get a 25% off, a 30% off, or a 55% off since communication is unclear. 

Try to ensure that each promotion is specific, extremely easy to understand and that what you’re explaining to your audience is simple – try to use as few words as you can.


Provide options for payment and shipping

Another essential step to prepare your website for Black Friday is to ensure your audience has several options regarding payment and shipping.  

When you’re a customer, you want to feel like you have different payment method alternatives. At the end of the day, having that allows you to decide and pick the best that fits your needs.

Giving your visitors various options allows them to feel the same way, which is why you should consider this when setting up your store. 


Create a strong marketing strategy

Your website can’t grow by itself. On the contrary, you need to build a strategy to ensure that it increases how you want it to. 

To build an effective marketing strategy, you must use different channels, for example, social media, email marketing, inbound marketing, and so on. Each option offers various alternatives you have to explore and know more about. 

Offline marketing strategies can be extremely effective in helping to grow a website. For businesses with a physical shop, placing branded QR codes around the premises is an excellent way of driving traffic to a website. These codes can be placed on flyers, window displays, or even printed onto product labels – customers can then scan them and easily access the website directly from their phones.

Even though it is a lot to take in at first, once you design a strategy that works for you, you can implement it and watch your business grow. 


Surprise first-time visitors and even recurring customers

Every customer enjoys feeling at home when they visit a store. Therefore, to enhance your Black Friday website, offer incredible promotions to both first-time visitors and recurring ones. 

You could give people Black Friday discount coupons or one-time deals they can’t refuse. Offering that to first-timers allows them to feel hooked to your website from the first moment they browse through it. 

Additionally, you can strengthen your bond with recurring customers by giving them discounts and special offers. Loyal clients are essential to grow your business, so take advantage of them and don’t let the opportunity go by. 


Update your inventory

Having an old inventory could cause a lot of confusion among your visitors, especially the new ones, since they might try to buy something that’s not in stock. 

To avoid that, ensure that you’re always giving them updated information. Stay on top of what you have available, and quickly change the data on your website if you need to. 

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all your visitors always have the newest information regarding your website products or services. 


Make sure your team is all on board for this shopping season

The last step in this guide is to guarantee that your team is on board and ready for the shopping season. In many cases, the holidays are chaotic and make people buy much more than they usually would. 

Consequently, you and your team must be ready to manage the customers you might get during this time. Everyone should know how to respond to customers through your website chat plugin, emails, or Black Fiday email subscribe forms, whether you use Shopify, WordPress, or other website platforms.

Preparing your website for Black Friday is not something you can do overnight. It takes time, and you must design the best strategies that can work for your business. Otherwise, you might spend days without getting any sales. 

Even though it takes a lot of time and effort, Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season are the perfect moments to take advantage of the number of people looking to buy things online. Thus, sit down and start planning to see your business grow. 


Key Takeaways

Preparing your website for Black Friday is essential if you want to attract new customers, keep your recurring ones, and boost your sales. 

Organizing your marketing strategy is difficult, especially during the holiday season, since you have to determine the best methods to attract and communicate with clients. 

Nonetheless, if you start preparing early and commit to your growth, you might look back a few months later and be impressed at how your sales grew after so much effort you and your team put in!